Auuro Edu Mind Math!
        Auuro Edu Mind Math is an after school enrichment program developed by experts in Mathematics. The development of a child's brain holds the key to the child's future. A child’s mind is primed for learning, but it needs early experiences to wire the neural circuits of the brain that facilitate learning, hence training the brain becomes vital. There are specific activities that may stimulate the right brain Creativity, Arts, Recognition of Colours and Sizes, Memory Recall and Thinking Processes. There are specific activities that may stimulate the left brain Numerical and Analytical Skills, Calculation, Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving

        Mind Math is an age old technique and it has been widely stated that the best exercise for the development of brains is mathematics and hence Auuro Edu Mind Math! This technique has been accepted the world over and is actively being used in over 30 countries around the globe. When the mind gets constant exercise the mental power of the child gets a boost. Just like the equipment at the gym is a medium for body building, similarly for brain development mind math is a proven medium.

        The program is delivered by certified and qualified teachers who aim to provide a fun filled and interactive learning environment stimulating the whole brain development of the children.

Training the brain:
        Our exercises for training the brain are a special set of exercises which works on the concept called Kinesiology, the science of body movement and the relationship of muscles and posture to brain function.

        These exercises are simple movements which fine tune the performance of our brain and unleash the hidden potential of the brain thereby paving a way to our future generation geniuses.“Training the brain" is a program involving physical activities and is easy and enjoyable. These activities recall the movements naturally done during the first years of life when learning to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands, and whole body.

There are three kinds of training the  brain movements
  • Midline movements

  • Energy exercises

  • Lengthening activities

        Research has shown that these three movements activate the hippocampus, a primitive structure deep in the brain. The hippocampus plays the single largest role in processing information as memory. A good memory results in retaining, retrieving and recalling the inputs at the right time.


        Abacus is a mathematical tool that was utilised by many ancient civilizations and continues to be used today. It has been termed as the father of computers and is being employed in our curriculum for learning the basics of mental arithmetic, right and left brain development, and to increase their co-ordination.

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