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Happy Tots

‘Happy Tots’ is a brain child of Auuro Educational Services - a venture integrating itself into established schools across India. A pioneer in early child care education, Happy Tots formulated the theme based integrated curriculum which sets the standard for early childhood education in the country.

“Happy Tots” is one of the fastest-growing curriculums in the country and endorsed by schools and authorities alike. One of the reasons Happy Tots has been so well received is that from the very beginning it was designed to help children receive a 21st century education in a real classroom.

How do schools benefit by integrating Happy Tots into their system?
When a schools signs up for the Happy Tots programme, they receive:
  • Complete curriculum for all three levels of kindergarten, Pre – KG, Junior and Senior KG.
  • A detailed daily and monthly lesson plan for teacher.
  • Complete guidance and training for teachers in conducting every day activities in 
the class room.
  • Well defined class work and home work sheets for the whole year.
  • A complete set of activity books and writing books for each child.
  • Assessment and evaluation reports.
  • Detailed plans for conducting special days in the school.
  • Parent orientation
  • Resources list, kindergarten classroom designing.

So if you want to:
bridge the gap that exists in your school between the kindergarten and the primary classes.

ensure children are happy , developing skills and deepening understanding at the kindergarten level , then “Join the elite group of educators across the world by integrating Happy Tots into your school”.

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