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The Wren & Martin English Contest

For Middle & High School Students

About the Contest:-
The Wren & Martin English Contest is a unique English Language Testing Competition meant primarily for Asian Students coming from Auuro Edu, a company which works with schools across India, Middle East and Africa. It is one of the best designed exams to test and grade children across the borders. It is a great language benchmarking tool.

Who can participate:-
It is opened to all middle and high school students aged between 7- 14 within India.
Conditions for participation
1. Participation is open to middle and high school students only , aged 7-10 and 11-14.
2. A minimum 150 participating students from each school.
3. Unlimited maximum number of participating students from one school.
4. categories by age, state, region, type of school etc.
5. The test shall be taken under supervision in the school premises upon paying the participation fee only.

Why to register?
1. An excellent opportunity to compare your students' English language skills with other schools from around the world.
2. Great experience for students plus an opportunity to compare their English language knowledge between their peers.
3. Great preparation for Entrance & competitive examinations.
4. Motivation for teachers and great way to bench mark your school with others.
5. 10 years of experience and great feedback from the students, teachers and the school principals.
6. Wide Media coverage

Final Results
The complete results are available within a month after the date of the contest. Results will be sent to teachers’ and participants’ via e-mail and will also be published on the website. Results are anonymous except for the first twenty students and schools, leaving the remaining results invisible for the other visitors of the AES website . In case of equal scores received by two or more students or two or more schools, the winner is determined by the time in which the test was completed. Final results are processed separately for the Rural and City Schools.

Result Categories
Students will receive their result on a certificate with their ranking within the district, state , country, worldwide and age category of the student.
School categories include the result within the region, state and worldwide.

Certificate of Participation
All participants (both students and schools) will receive the Wren & Martin English Contest participation certificate after the results are published.

Certificate for Teachers
The teachers responsible for organizing and coordinating the contest in their school will also receive the Wren & Martin English Contest certificate with their names on it.